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Uber Eats Won't Save Uber Jun 23, 2019 - Growth in food delivery isn't a substitute for an effective ridesharing business.
¿Tratar a los trabajadores como empleados? Uber, Lyft y otros están luchando por un compromiso Jun 23, 2019 -

Ante una amenaza inminente a su forma de hacer negocios, Uber, Lyft y otras importantes compañías que ofrecen servicios en demanda están intentando algo que históricamente han sido reacios a hacer: buscar un compromiso.

Ansiosas por preservar los acuerdos de trabajo independientes sobre los que...

Treat workers as employees? Uber, Lyft and others are scrambling for a compromise Jun 22, 2019 -

Faced with a looming threat to their way of doing business, Uber, Lyft and other major on-demand companies are trying something they’ve historically been reluctant to do: seeking compromise.

Anxious to preserve the freelance work arrangements upon which they’ve built their vast workforces, these...