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Weighing The Week Ahead: Time For Your Holiday Shopping? Dec 09, 2018 - Market declines are following a pattern where small tidbits of news have a magnified effect.Economic data remain strong, with some continued growth at a slower pace.Analyzing the week's trading in det
Not so fast: A councilman's push to legalize throttle e-bikes isn't ready for prime time Dec 09, 2018 -

Brooklyn Councilman Rafael Espinal, irked by a turn of the wheel that’s legalizing pedal-assist e-bikes while leaving hand-throttle e-bikes subject to fines and confiscation, wants to remedy what he considers an injustice.

He hasn’t thought this through.

The new legal e-bikes, featured in the growing...

JSerra’s Grover, San Clemente’s Catsimanes have tough time at Foot Locker Nationals Dec 08, 2018 - JSerra's Anthony Grover collapses in the final stages but finishes, while Castsimanes is unable to keep up with top finishers at San Diego's Balboa Park.

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