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Twitter, Snap, And Facebook: Three Thoughts For Social Media Investors Feb 24, 2018 - Twitter is still leaving money on the table.Snap's latest swoon, combined with Facebook's drop in usage, shows that (non-Twitter) social media users are fickle.That, combined with the possibility of a
Alphabet's Taking Its Battle With Uber to the Streets Feb 24, 2018 - Alphabet's Waymo should be the first to launch a ride-sharing service using driverless vehicles.
Trump's Tax Plan: Bad News For Amazon, Tesla, And Netflix Shareholders Feb 24, 2018 - Trump's recently passed corporate tax cut bill should lead to larger deficits, increasing inflation, and higher interest rates.Warren Buffett explained back in May 1977 how inflation swindles the equi

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GOOGL Alphabet Inc. NASDAQ $1128.09 $784.36B
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BIDU Baidu, Inc. NASDAQ $250.74 $87.06B
WB Weibo Corporation NASDAQ $139.74 $30.55B
RHT Red Hat, Inc. NYSE $146.62 $25.95B
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