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Twitter, Snap, And Facebook: Three Thoughts For Social Media Investors Feb 24, 2018 - Twitter is still leaving money on the table.Snap's latest swoon, combined with Facebook's drop in usage, shows that (non-Twitter) social media users are fickle.That, combined with the possibility of a
Trump's Tax Plan: Bad News For Amazon, Tesla, And Netflix Shareholders Feb 24, 2018 - Trump's recently passed corporate tax cut bill should lead to larger deficits, increasing inflation, and higher interest rates.Warren Buffett explained back in May 1977 how inflation swindles the equi
Amazon Vs. Facebook: Coming Prices As Now Seen By Market Makers Feb 24, 2018 - Has the market disruption shifted price prospects for these specific stocks?Are they still positioned where they were in their industry groups?Have we seen a major re-evaluation of the market?Should y

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