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The Past May Not Be Prologue For The Future https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250667-past-may-prologue-future?source=feed_all_articles Mar 24, 2019 - The past is most probably not an indicator of the change to come. It is unpredictable.Nothing showed it more than the market reaction on Friday when the yield curve inverted stoking fears of an upcomi
A Shot Across The Bow: What The Inversion Of The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve May Mean For Markets https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250645-shot-across-bow-inversion-u-s-treasury-yield-curve-may-mean-markets?source=feed_all_articles Mar 23, 2019 - Brexit watch: Deadline pushed out, but challenges remain.The yield curve inverts: Is this a sign that the market needs to take seriously?Did the latest Fed statement trigger the yield-curve inversion?
Was It All Just A Bad Dream? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250640-just-bad-dream?source=feed Mar 23, 2019 - Market volatility picked up dramatically over the last few months. Was this a shot across the bow or a temporary disruption?Consensus views are for corporate earnings and economic growth to trough in
The Fed Has Given Up: Get Ready For More QE https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250456-fed-given-get-ready-qe?source=feed_all_articles Mar 22, 2019 - The FOMC on Wednesday voted unanimously to keep the Federal Funds rate unchanged.Overall, the FOMC signaled it has made a dovish turn away from the promised normalization of monetary policy, which the
Fed's New Balance Sheet Plan: Get Rid Of MBS https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250372-feds-new-balance-sheet-plan-get-rid-mbs?source=feed_all_articles Mar 21, 2019 - In relationship to GDP, the balance sheet will continue to shrink until some magic unknown point is reached.The stated balance sheet doctrine now is that the Fed wants to have sufficient reserves (mon
A Fully Inverted Yield Curve, And Consequently A Recession, Are Coming To Your Doorstep Soon https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250287-fully-inverted-yield-curve-consequently-recession-coming-doorstep-soon?source=feed Mar 21, 2019 - The FOMC's decision and dot-plot came in just as the market anticipated.Still, it was quite remarkable to see the shift among Fed members in a matter of only three months.The yield curve keeps on flat
The Fed Is Now Hamstrung Between Scylla And Charybdis https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250247-fed-now-hamstrung-scylla-charybdis?source=feed_all_articles Mar 21, 2019 - The Fed’s interest rate regimen has been hemmed in by two constraints: avoiding a steep housing downturn and avoiding a yield curve inversion.Last year, the first started to come to pass, but that sho
Quarterly Market Outlook: Stay Prepared https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250191-quarterly-market-outlook-stay-prepared?source=feed_all_articles Mar 21, 2019 - The U.S. economy remains generally solid, but the effects of tax cuts are fading and corporate earnings growth is expected to slow in 2019.Although a U.S. or global recession doesn’t appear to be immi
Dovish Fed Sends Global Yields Lower, But Little Succor For Stocks https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250190-dovish-fed-sends-global-yields-lower-little-succor-stocks?source=feed_tag_forex Mar 21, 2019 - The dovishness of the Federal Reserve sent ripples through the capital markets. US equities reversed initial gains, but Asia Pacific equities edged higher, though Japanese markets were closed for a na
Where Doves Are Dreaded https://seekingalpha.com/article/4250182-doves-dreaded?source=feed_all_articles Mar 21, 2019 - Monetary policy, which has no money in it, is reactive rather than proactive.Ben Bernanke's transparency is now Powell's curse.The more people saw of what the Fed or ECB was doing the more assured the

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